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We do it all, we do it right


PSI PROformance is your premiere East Coast performance shop for anything from basic part installs to full out engine builds. We are known for our dyno tuning prowess, custom turbo systems, magazine worthy engine builds, and much more! Our job is to help you build the car that you want Рif you can dream it we can fabricate it. 

we do it all, we do it right

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Full Race Dyno Tuning & EFI Installation

We have tuned thousands of vehicles on our AWD Dynojet and our tuner is skilled enough to tackle any ECU. With decades of experience, our in house tuner writes his own code and other tuners come to HIM for advice! We can tune most platforms and install standalone and piggyback systems: AEM, Haltech, Accessport, Open Source, you name it.

Other services include:
-Horsepower pulls with wideband (2WD & 4WD)
-Dyno rental for self tuning (day rates also available)
-Before and after modification runs
(when installed at PSI)
-Engine and drivetrain break ins

Welding &

We specialize in metal working and creating exhausts and turbo setups for any vehicle; from Ferrari exhausts to rotated Subaru turbo setups. Manifolds, cages, intercooler piping, and downpipes are all regular projects.

Our in house machine shop is equipped with a CNC plasma cutter, mandrel bender, lathes, mills, sheers; all the equipment needed to complete your custom project big or small.

Engine Builds
& Swaps

We can put anything from an LS1 to a 2JZ into any chassis, twin turbo your Subaru and Camaro, turn your Honda into a monster (500+WHP no problem), and we look forward to creating any other combination you can think of.

Our techs can build any engine to the specs you desire; stock rebuilds to full out racing engines.

Performance Maintenance

Our experienced staff is capable of working on any car. If you have an issue, we can fix it. We have all the tools and knowledge necessary to keep your car in top shape. Brake jobs, timing belt replacements, diagnosing misfires…just call us!

Why bring your vehicle to a “stealership” when we can handle all your maintenance and service needs. We can also provide upgrades and aftermarket parts should you want to go beyond OEM replacements.


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Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all products & services sold by PSI Proformance, Inc. are designated Race Only and are solely for competition/off road use limited to racing formally sanctioned by a recognized racing organization. Any other use, including recreational off- road use, may be in violation of local, state, and Federal laws. PSI Proformance  does not implicitly or explicitly confirm the legality of using any products it sells on public roads; that is entirely the responsibility of the consumer. PSI PROFORMANCE DOES NOT WORK ON OR MODIFY STREET CARS.

WARNING: Some Products Sold May contain Chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

What our customers
have to say

Andrew Kraft
Andrew Kraft
Had a check engine light on in my WRX and my regular mechanic could not figure it out. I went here and they told me to come back later when the tuner was in. I paid $200 for an evaluation. Some would think this is a high price for a short amount of time but he reprogrammed my car and it is running great for the last six months. They fixed what others couldn't for a small price
Justin JP
Justin JP
They accommodated me and worked around my schedule to get me in the shop and get me out in a timely manner. Price for the service that I got done was phenomenal also! I'll definitely be back.
CK Auto Image Repairs LLC
CK Auto Image Repairs LLC
Solid company. Definitely recommend them for your pro tuning needs.
Gabriel Pechaceck
Gabriel Pechaceck
From one shop to another I have to say the service was great. Had a MAF fail on the dyno and they sourced a denso replacement within an hour and got the car dyno tuned and running amazing.

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WARNING: Some Products Sold May contain Chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.

For more information, go to