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Procharged Coyote – Part 2

DSC_0266The monster of a Mustang got all finished up last week. This thing sounded mean once we got it over to the dyno, and with a little bit of tuning it put down 579whp and 465wtq at 7.7 pounds of boost! That’s almost a 35% increase over what it made at the factory. We may see this Mustang back in the shop soon for some more upgrades. With it’s extra 200whp, it’s going to be a good idea to upgrade some other parts of the drive train. Check out the video of the pull below…

Check out Part 1 of the build!

Procharged Coyote – Part 1

DSC_0024The new Mustangs are already badass cars to begin with. Once you add a Procharger to one… yeah, it’s going to be good. Under the hood, the coyote is a beast of an engine and makes heaps of power from the factory. But when the owner wanted to add some forced induction to the mix, we were happy to get started.


DSC_0179The Procharger kit was fully complete and came with everything little thing you need for the install, down to the oil for the supercharger. Everything looks super clean under the hood and almost stock.

DSC_0152They even took the liberty of replacing the hideous stock expansion tank with this nice black powdercoated one. It really helps to clean up the whole look of the engine bay.

Once everything is bolted on, this Procharged S550 will make its way over to our dyno for some tuning. It’s sure to lay down a good amount of power. Check back to see its dyno pull!