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Squeaky Clean CRX

This Honda CRX build has been in the works for a while now, and this thing is clean, and I mean clean. Everything in the engine bay looks brand new, and most of it is.

dsc_0866editdsc_0032edit dsc_0844editWe built the whole turbo kit. It’s running a Garrett disco potato turbo for some quick spooling action along with a ram horn manifold, custom piping and intercooler. dsc_0035edit dsc_0119edit dsc_0137editIt’s getting¬† buttoned up as we speak and will pop over to the dyno to get tuned up soon. This little guy is going to haul ass and be boat loads of fun once its back on the streets. dsc_0172edit dsc_0983edit

Type-R Swapped CRX – Part 1

DSC_0412We’re working on finishing up the engine swap on this CRX. We swapped in a JDM Type R engine and trans,¬† all managed by a Hondata ECU, that we’ll be tuning once everything is buttoned up. These cars weighed in at around 2,000 pounds from the factory when new, depending on what trim you had. This car’s interior is completely stripped except for a single drivers racing seat. Being an insanely light car to begin with, I bet this little CRX will be a blast to drive when we’re done with it. It would be interesting to find out what the power to weight figures would be on this build. We’ll figure out the power part of the equation once it gets over to our dyno.DSC_0329The engine is a 1.8L B18C out of a JDM Type R Integra. Even stock, these engines are screamers with their insane 8200 rpm redline and factory 197 bhp. The Type-R trans is a close ratio box with a limited slip in it from the factory. Good thing too, because spinning just one wheel is never much fun.

DSC_0465This CRX has been equipped with some serious stopping power. The 6-piston Wilwood calipers aren’t going to have any trouble bringing this featherweight to a stop. Stay tuned for more updates on this project!