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Another 400whp Eclipse!!!!

Yesterday at the shop we had this Mitsubishi Eclipse come into the shop for a dyno tune. The car was looking really clean with it’s sparkling green paint and fresh wheels. After a few pulls on the dyno, we all knew this car had the potential to make some good power. With some simple mods such as a bolt-on 50 trim turbo, and Magnus Manifold it was able to make 409whp and 390tq on 24-25 pounds of boost. With some cams this car could easily make 450-500 horsepower.

Zoom Zoom!

Today we had one Mazda MS3 in for a tune that lived up to Mazda’s slogan of  “Zoom Zoom”.  From the start you could tell this car meant business with its growl from Cobb bolt-ons including an intake and exhaust.  This MS3 was also sporting a front mount intercooler and a TB30r Turbo, but besides that the car was mainly stock.  Even with it’s mainly stock motor, this Mazda was able to put down 374whp and 347tq, which is quite impressive.  We look forward to even more power and updates from this car in the future.

Fuel Rails in Stock and on Special!!!!!!

Psi Proformance is proud to announce that we have in stock Aeromotive and Agency Power Fuel Rails for your Subaru Wrx and Sti.  Call today for more details!

VTEC and Boost = Fun!!!!!!!

Yesterday at PSI PROformance, we had this Honda Civic come into the shop for a dyno tune.  This car was equipped with an LS/VTEC and turbo setup, which usually means good power.  The turbo setup was pushing out 15 lbs of boost which resulted in 410 wheel horsepower and 281 foot pounds of torque.  A lightweight civic with over 400 horsepower is quite fast and should run some good times in the quarter mile.

AEM EMS in Stock and ready for tuning!

PSI PROformance is proud to announce that we now have AEM EMS in stock and ready for tuning. AEM EMS is currently being run on Steve’s(Our tuner) Nissan 240sx, along with Reese’s drift ready 240sx. In the most recent tune Reese’s car is making 300whp on 6psi on an AEM EMS. So, get the power out of your car with an AEM EMS! Just head on over to our online store for more details: http://psiproformance.com/store/


The Blue Devil!

That’s right everybody, this blog post is called “The Blue Devil.”  You may be asking yourself why?  Well, there is quite a simple explanation to the title of this post.  It’s the fact that we had a super clean, super fast Subaru WRX on the dyno yesterday for a tune.  This “blue devil” is sporting a Garrett 59mm turbo, FMIC, Invidia exhaust, and much more badass parts.  It was able to make 438 whp/406 trq under a good amount of boost.  Here are some pictures from the dyno tune and make sure to check out our Facebook for videos of the runs.

Don’t forget to check out our online store for all the best parts for awesome prices.  http://psiproformance.com/store/

Slurpees are addicting.

Everybody in their lifetime has had the joy of enjoying a delicious slurpee on a hot summer day.  Sometimes people will go great length’s to fill this “slurpee addiction” and that’s what Chris Miller did this weekend at IFO in Las Vegas.  In the video, you can see Chris Miller driving his 8-second civic to 7-11 for a slurpee.  Chris was actually driving to Trevtec to get his IM welded to continue racing, but he decided to stop into 7-11 for a slurpee.  It’s just kind of funny seeing a full drag, not street-legal car driving down Las Vegas Boulevard.  Chris Miller actually ended up winning  his class after defeating Palo in the finals.  So, congrats to Chris and his whole team and we look forward to the next event.

And here is another video of a full-on drag car cruising the streets for some lunch.

One Awesome Evo!

This past Friday at PSI PROformance we had a super clean Mitsubishi EVO stop by the shop for a tune.  Even with a stock block, this EVO was able to make 440whp/400 trq under 26.5 pounds of boost.  It’s amazing how much power an EVO can make with such simple mods.  Some of the mods include a JMF intake manifold, E85, and 1650’s.  With how good this car looks, it sounded even better in the shop.  Make sure to check out our facebook page for video’s of the dyno tuning session.

Also, Don’t forget to check out our online store for all the best deals on your performance needs.

Mase stops by PSI PROformance!

World renowned tuner Mase decided to stop by PSI PROformance to do a quick tuning session.  Mase brought down a couple of cars to do some dyno tuning including an 08 STI and an EVO X.  From the very beginning Mase(Steve) got right down to business and started doing what he does best, getting the very best out of the cars.  First up was the 08 Subaru WRX STI, which only had a few mods including exhaust, intake, and boost controller.  The car was able to put down 303 whp and 305 trq, even though it was having problems getting the right amount of boost.

Along with the STI, MASE brought along an EVO X, which was bone stock.  Just because it was bone stock, didn’t mean MASE wouldn’t squeeze more power out of it.  First, we did a stock dyno pull, which netted about 277 horsepower to the wheels.  After that, Mase uploaded a tune and was able to get 311 whp and 297 trq, quite impressive for a stock car with just a tune.


PSI PROformance is proud to announce that our online store is finally live.  This is an exciting and happy moment for us at PSI PROformance.  Now we are able to offer our awesome customers all the products from the brands they love for discounted prices.  Here is the link to the store, so make sure to check it out.