2JZ Swapped 350Z – Part 2

So this 350Z is going to be making heaps of power once it’s all finished up, but that power has to make it to the ground. At this point there’s no reason to leave this build with a stock limited slip, or even worse, an open differential.

DSC_0281The Quaife LSD was an ideal candidate for this application. It’s a gear style limited slip, so there are no plates or clutches that wear out over time. With power being put to both wheels at all times, this thing is going to be able to take advantage of all its 2JZ goodness.

DSC_0543cropThis Z is going to stick to the road like white on rice with its new LSD and sticky Toyo R888 tires. This means high G-forces, which also means sloshing fuel, so the fuel system is going to get a little help from Radium Engineering. Their surge tanks are used to prevent fuel starvation when fuel is being sloshed around in the gas tank due to insufficient baffling. This tank is filled by the stock fuel tank and pump, and essentially acts as a second fuel tank that is always full of fuel. Since the surge tank will always be full, there will be no sloshing of fuel around the pump pick up during high G-forces.  I’m thinking this 2JZ is going to be plenty happy with its fuel supply.

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Evo X Big Turbo Kit – Part 1

DSC_0876Evo’s are one of our specialties, and when it comes to custom turbo kits, we’re the best in the business. This Evo X is going to get a PSI Proformance custom turbo kit, minus the intercooler which was supplied by the owner. That means exhaust manifold, intercooler piping, downpipe, etc is all going to be custom fabricated by us.

DSC_0580DSC_0891To help with power even more, we cracked open the head for some upgrades. It was treated to upgraded cams with valve springs and retainers to go along with them.

DSC_0989The exhaust manifold is getting mocked up in our jig to make sure everything fits flawlessly. Check back for more updates on this turbo build!



Procharged Coyote – Part 2

DSC_0266The monster of a Mustang got all finished up last week. This thing sounded mean once we got it over to the dyno, and with a little bit of tuning it put down 579whp and 465wtq at 7.7 pounds of boost! That’s almost a 35% increase over what it made at the factory. We may see this Mustang back in the shop soon for some more upgrades. With it’s extra 200whp, it’s going to be a good idea to upgrade some other parts of the drive train. Check out the video of the pull below…

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300ZX Freshn’ Up – Part 1

DSC_0757This Z32 300ZX has been here getting some maintenance and a few modifications done. External wastegates were on the to-do list for this Z. The engine bays on these cars are super tight, making it easier to just pull the engine for most types of maintenance. So that’s what we did. The engine came out, and we started fabricating the plumbing for the wastegates. Clearances were tight, but that’s why we have the best fabricators in the business. Once everything was mounted, the chassis was lowered down and the engine mounted in place.


Stock 300ZX brakes are commonly an upgrade for other, lighter cars, such as the Nissan 240SX. The Z32 is a pretty heavy chassis, so a set of even bigger brakes was in order. Z1 motorsports makes a slick kit that adapts OEM Nissan 370Z parts for use on older Z’s. The calipers and rotors are parts that you can order right from the dealer. The OEM quality will guarantee that these brakes remain reliable for years, and have ample braking power.

DSC_022214″ rotors make these brakes pretty beefy. I don’t think they’ll have any trouble bring this 300ZX to a stop.

DSC_0418Over in the fabrication shop, there’s a lot of work going into this custom front-mount intercooler. It’s been going through some test fitting to get all the dimensions just right.

DSC_0570A3D733A8-152E-40C0-8200-102D0E95ECA6(1) The end result of this custom intercooler is amazing. Our fabrication shop killed it on this one. Check back to see what else this Z is in for.



RWD WRX Build – Part 2

DSC_0693After getting all the nice powdercoated parts bolted up, the engine was bolted back up in the engine bay. The polished Cosworth intake manifold really tops off the look of everything.


Before the engine and trans were mated back together, we opened up the 5-speed for some modifications. It really is crazy how everything works inside a gearbox. So many tight tolerances and moving parts working in harmony.


This shaft on the tail of the gearbox is a spool that locks the center differential, enabling it to work as a RWD transmission. The front axles will be cut off at the hubs to inhibit the front wheels from turning. The hubs will be left in place so that everything stays securely bolted together. This car is riddled with WRX performance parts. Check out our parts web store for whatever you need. Up next is going to be a titanium hood exit exhaust!


Procharged Coyote – Part 1

DSC_0024The new Mustangs are already badass cars to begin with. Once you add a Procharger to one… yeah, it’s going to be good. Under the hood, the coyote is a beast of an engine and makes heaps of power from the factory. But when the owner wanted to add some forced induction to the mix, we were happy to get started.


DSC_0179The Procharger kit was fully complete and came with everything little thing you need for the install, down to the oil for the supercharger. Everything looks super clean under the hood and almost stock.

DSC_0152They even took the liberty of replacing the hideous stock expansion tank with this nice black powdercoated one. It really helps to clean up the whole look of the engine bay.

Once everything is bolted on, this Procharged S550 will make its way over to our dyno for some tuning. It’s sure to lay down a good amount of power. Check back to see its dyno pull!


2JZ Swapped 350Z – Part 1

DSC_1007Some people think it’s wrong to mesh an engine from one manufacturer with a chassis from another… that’s definitely not the case here. This 2JZ swapped 350Z is sweet! It’s going to be one hell of a car once it’s all finished up. Our custom fabricated intake and exhaust manifolds both turned out amazing along with everything else. If you’re looking for a custom manifold, give us a call. Our fab shop is extensive and can handle whatever you might have in mind.DSC_0948The bottom end of this 2JZ is stock, but the head has been completely gone through with cams, valves, springs, retainers, etc. This setup is going to lay down some serious power once it hits the dyno.


DSC_0204We’re taking care of some suspension and brake work as well. Suspension is going to be dialed in thanks to some KW coilovers, and brakes are being upgraded to OEM Brembos.

DSC_0634And here’s a turbo pic to end the post! Check back to see more as this project comes together.


RWD WRX Build – Part 1

DSC_0966This WRX hatch was awaiting the return of its EJ255. We went through everything on this engine: pistons, rods, cams, the works. Once it’s all buttoned up, it’ll hop over to our dyno for a tune. If you want the parts going into this EJ, give us a call or visit our Parts Web Store.

A fully built engine isn’t the only thing we’re working on. There’s a unique spin on this build, or lack there of. This Subaru is no longer going to spin the front wheels when we’re done with it. That’s right, a rear wheel drive conversion is in the works. The plan is to lay down somewhere in the ballpark of 400 rwhp on our dyno when all said and done. Check back for more updates!




Type-R Swapped CRX – Part 1

DSC_0412We’re working on finishing up the engine swap on this CRX. We swapped in a JDM Type R engine and trans,  all managed by a Hondata ECU, that we’ll be tuning once everything is buttoned up. These cars weighed in at around 2,000 pounds from the factory when new, depending on what trim you had. This car’s interior is completely stripped except for a single drivers racing seat. Being an insanely light car to begin with, I bet this little CRX will be a blast to drive when we’re done with it. It would be interesting to find out what the power to weight figures would be on this build. We’ll figure out the power part of the equation once it gets over to our dyno.DSC_0329The engine is a 1.8L B18C out of a JDM Type R Integra. Even stock, these engines are screamers with their insane 8200 rpm redline and factory 197 bhp. The Type-R trans is a close ratio box with a limited slip in it from the factory. Good thing too, because spinning just one wheel is never much fun.

DSC_0465This CRX has been equipped with some serious stopping power. The 6-piston Wilwood calipers aren’t going to have any trouble bringing this featherweight to a stop. Stay tuned for more updates on this project!




We’ve been replacing blown motors all month.  Fresh blocks going in is our business. It doesn’t matter if it’s an OEM rebuild or a forged and balanced bottom end mated with a high flowing race head, we can handle it!

Below is our dynoed car of the month. WRX with an 06 STI engine, 30R at 21psi, and ID 1000cc injectors put down 400AWHP, 376TRQ!