600whp daily driven Evo 8!

A lot of you seen this red Evo 8 at the shop over the last few weeks getting buttoned up. The owner brought the car here for a full build after having the stock engine fail. He went with a 2.4L block, Eagle rods, Wiseco pistons, h11 head studs, Crower 280 cams, and all of the other critical components needed for big power. We have the machine work done on the engine and then reassembled it in house as well as the rest of the car. We chose a PTE 6266 turbo for the car based on past results. Over the last 2 weeks the car was base tuned, broken in, and then slowly raised boost on it. The car kept making power at low boost so last night we finally decided to turn the wick up. At 32psi, the car put down 602whp 516wtq! Between the twin walbro fuel pumps being maxed out and the stock intake manifold we had to stop tuning there. Once this car gets those two items addressed the car should be back and will make 650whp easily.

Check out the video here of it making 600whp pulls……

If your interested in the setup on this particular car, others you have seen us build, or are looking to get a build or tune going for your car contact us at 215-361-7100.

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