RB25 single turbo swapped S13 240sx

Here we have a S13 240sx with a legendary Skyline RB25 engine swap. Along with the swap the car is running full supporting mods & a single Garrett 55mm turbocharger. Let me just say, the looks of this car may be controversial with the bright metallic blue paint, widebody body kit, old school non “fitted” wheels, and non “stanced” suspension, but there is no denying the sound & power the RB25 engine produces when modified correctly.

The car was a pleasure to tune & listen to until some small problems arose. The car was running an “ebay” turbo kit with a legit quality Garrett turbo. The external wastegate that was installed wasn’t functioning properly causing severe boost creep the higher the RPM’s climbed. While we wished the car was equipped with higher quality parts to help produce the true potential of this setup there was nothing we could do at the time. To make the best of this situation, boost was set to 14psi and revlimit was set to around 6,500 RPM’s. With keeping max RPM’s here it kept the boost from soaring up to unsafe levels.

Once again this proves that you should use quality parts when modifying your car. Luckily we were able to reach the 340-350WHP goal the owner was looking for, even though we really wanted to make 400WHP with this setup. If your looking to have your car tuned give us a call at the shop! You won’t be disappointed, our tune results & customer satisfaction speaks for itself!

Enjoy the sound of this JDM swapped beast:

1JZ Supra swapped 350Z!!!

Where do I start on this unique…controversial heart transplanted Nissan 350Z? I guess i’ll start with the background. After running multiple VQ35 motors (n/a as well as turbo setups) the owner of this 350Z was tired of having expensive issues and wanted to try something different yet more reliable. So in went the 1JZ 2.5L turbo Toyota Supra motor which has been known to be rock solid over the years.

The car was dropped off to us with the motor in the bay, some wiring done, but overall in need of a lot of work. We built a custom intercooler setup for the car utilizing a Tial QR bov, custom intake, and a full 3″ exhaust that steps up to 4″ in the rear section giving it a unique sound to go with the unique engine swap. After finishing the wiring & other miscellaneous odds and ends we fired it up and boy did it sound wild.

For now, the owner is leaving it stock ecu until funds allow more upgrades so we decided to do some basic data logging on the dyno before it leaves the shop. So stock ecu, stock tune, stock boost with the above mentioned mods left us at 290WHP & 280wtq. We would love to get a tune as well as a few more pounds of boost in this thing, but for now its a responsive fun ride that makes more wheel horsepower then a bolt on VQ35 that originally would of came in the car.

These are just the type of projects that we enjoy here at PSI PROformance, whether they are loved or hated on. We take pride in doing the work other shops can not complete & putting out quality custom fabrication work which can be seen here. Enjoy the video below and don’t hesitate to contact us to get your custom project underway!

Turbo Integra GSR DA tuned

It’s not often you see Acura Integras of the DA era around anymore. Forget seeing one in general, how about a GSR model, that’s clean, turbocharged, and makes 250whp!?!? This Integra is running the original B17 VTEC motor (134k miles on it) along with an Ebay .50trim turbo, FMIC kit , Drag exhaust manifold, and 550cc injectors. The car rips for only making 250WHPat 8psi.

Now many people may think that is “low” for a turbo Honda on a .50 trim, but lets remember this is on an original motor and get this, an original STOCK FUEL PUMP. The pump will be switched out for a Walbro 255 unit & a few other small changes will be made in the upcoming weeks. The owner will then bring it back in & were hoping to see around 300WHP depending on the conditions. The tune is safe, reliable and makes strong power under these circumstances to hold over until more mods can be completed. For now enjoy the video of it at 8psi, and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook for updates on this car and all of the other projects going on at the shop!

RX-8/MS3/MS6 etc. MazdaEdit ECU-Flash tuning!

We are proud to announce that we have been tuning newer Mazdas directly with the factory ECU for a little while now. We all have seen this in the EVO/STI world, which made things a breeze for the customer & tuner when working on the car. Also many weren’t happy with the second-hand middle man tuners that were the only way to tune the cars in the past, but that is all behind us now. If you own a newer Mazda and are looking for a tune please give us a call so we can discuss it more directly.

One of the cars we had in for a MazdaEdit tune was this RX-8 rotary with a K&N intake and stock exhaust running a test pipe. These are known be to overrated on the quoted factory horsepower numbers & this one was no different. After tuning the car it put down 155whp & 113wtq which was a 20+ whp gain from stock. A few more mods to help it breathe would definitely increase these numbers, but for basically being a stock car with a tune these are great improvements.

Again, if your looking to get your Mazda tuned give us a call. Our real dyno numbers & customer satisfaction speaks for itself!