Rotated 18g WRX tuned

Last week we had another Subaru in for a custom ECUflash tune. This time it was a ’02 WRX with a custom rotated turbo kit using a GReddy 18G turbocharger. With a unknown history 60k mile motor, and a host of other typical Subaru upgrades this is a classic do it yourself modified WRX. It’s a great feeling when you can help an owner finish his project by putting a solid tune on the car.

After fighting a few boost leak issues early on we were able to get back to tuning. Slowly turning up the boost the car was picking up power every pull. By 20psi it laid down 309whp on our Dynojet. The owner was extremely happy with it cracking the 300whp barrier & told us this car will have the most horsepower he’s ever driven or rode in. We felt 300whp was a good place to leave the car at for the owner to enjoy while working out a few other things on the setup.

Tons of big horsepower cars come in and out of the shop on a daily basis which can lead to expectations held high on every project/tune. This home built project making 300whp can show us all that even with “only 300whp” there is still people out there that enjoy chasing goals big and little. At the end of the day its the owner who will be driving the car day in and day out and if he’s happy nothing else matters.

Check out the video below & contact us to tune your next project!