600whp blown SRT8 JEEP

This sinister Jeep came in last week for a few dyno pulls after being completed by one of our good customers. It was purchased with a built motor & trans which the owner then added a Procharger D1-SC & fuel upgrades. The flashed tune on the car was very lean & dangerous to run. The owner was pretty disappointed & asked us to tune the car on the spot. A few adjustments were made to be able to safely get a baseline number. It ended up at 525whp & 556whp on our in-house Dynojet.

Using the handheld Diablosport Predator tuner we were able to make some more adjustments which got it to 602whp & 575wtq. Unfortunately the blowers belt was slipping which limited the boost to only 10psi. This setup should be making about 15psi so hopefully once fixed we can fine tune it a bit more and lay down over 700whp! Could you imagine taking your kids to school in a 700whp JEEP?!? We can, and we can’t wait for it to stop back into the shop. Keep an eye out for updated results.

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’11 STI dyno tune

Another new model STi came in for a tune the other day, and boy are the stock tunes dangerous. We have done multiple newer body Subarus and they always seem to run very lean & make disappointing power. After making a handful of adjustments this car went from a measly 220whp to 317whp. One of the best things about the tune is that its safe. We’ve seen to many Subarus come in blown up because of “off the shelf” tunes or people beating the cars hard without a tune. It is impressive that with only 3 power mods and a tune you can pick up 100whp!

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400whp 30r ’07 STi

We had a longtime customer bring this car in for a pre-purchase look over. After going over the car we found that it had low compression in one of the cylinders and was breaking up while going into boost. The customer purchased the car afterwards and brought it back in for a base tune so it could at least be driven smoothly & safely while a plan for a full build could be laid out.

Once on the dyno a small bit of tuning got the car running smooth and clean throughout the rpm range. Surprisingly even with the low compression at only 20psi it laid down just under 400whp & 380wtq! The owner was extremely happy with end result.

Knowing the engine has some issues & won’t last forever, the new owner is preparing to build it over the winter and possibly make a few changes to the turbo setup as well in hopes of bigger power. Check back in the future to see what route this car decides to take, but for now enjoy the sights and sounds of this 400whp widebody hawk-eye.