600+whp PSI PRO built/tuned/fabbed STi video

Here at PSI PROformance we have done a few recent 4-500whp rotated turbo kit Subarus with great results. Some customers just want more, and we are here to make it happen.

We have modified this STi a few different stages since the owner purchased it and after talks of wanting more power he decided on a 600hp goal.

The project began with our custom-spec built/sleeved engine, and our custom rotated turbo kit. With the power goals in mind, a Precision 6262 turbo & E-85 fuel were chosen to make it all come together. With a host of supporting mods & custom built parts done in-house the car easily put down 600 WHEEL horsepower after being tuned on our Dynojet.

We have since installed a resonator to our Race-spec exhaust and the car is happily in the hands of the owner. We are looking forward to it coming back in for a re-tune on higher boost when the owner is ready. At only 29psi the setup is not even breaking a sweat.

The customer brought the car back a week later to have us add a muffler as he was getting dirty looks from annoyed neighbors.

Please check us out on facebook to see regularly updates photos from around the shop including the build of this STi. If you have any questions regarding the build, or would like to start a Subaru build of your own please don’t hesitate to contact us at the shop. Our number is: 215-361-7100

Custom Ferrari F430 Exhaust

Here at PSI PROformance we had the opportunity to work on a customers ’06 Ferrari F-430. After purchasing it he decided to do a few track days and quickly realized it needed changes. First we upgraded the brakes and suspension, which in combination with the already installed HRE wheels (20×13, 345/25/20 in the rear) the owner was happy. Thoughts of twin turboing the car were tossed around but with two other high horsepower cars already in the stable the idea was dropped. The car definitely needed some more power, but most importantly it needed more sound & feel. To get a little more power out of the car while giving it the F1 car type sound everyone loves building a custom exhaust became the next step. The owner purchased a set of Fabspeed Sport headers and gave the OK to build the rest of the exhaust. We modified the headers making them v-band, which we continued using for the rest of the exhaust. This helps with ease of installation, no leaks, and gives it a cleaner overall look.

We designed and fabricated the entire exhaust including the tips in house. Using the v-band design we are able to swap out catalytic convertors or run the section with open pipe. Being this is the owners track toy, cats have not been used. Once we finished, the owner brought us Fabspeed carbon fiber Maxflo intake covers and BMC air filters to help it breathe a little better. We installed everything and did some dyno testing on our in-house dynojet.

Stock the car put down 401whp & 286wtq. With the new intake, header, and exhaust setup the car put down 422whp & 297wtq with no tuning! That is a very respectable gain with no tuning. These motors are already built & tuned so fine that its hard to really extract much power out of them. We hope to possibly tune the car soon, but that will be a post for another day.

Shortly after the car was finished up we uninstalled the exhaust and sent it out for a High Temperature heat coating. Now it looks awesome, and performs awesome with no potential cooling issues from the thin wall piping.

We are very proud of the way this turned out and even though it sounds awesome in the video there is no way of truly appreciating it without hearing and seeing it in person. We hope you enjoy the small video that was put together, and if you have any questions please shoot us a PM or call the shop.