600whp daily driven Evo 8!

A lot of you seen this red Evo 8 at the shop over the last few weeks getting buttoned up. The owner brought the car here for a full build after having the stock engine fail. He went with a 2.4L block, Eagle rods, Wiseco pistons, h11 head studs, Crower 280 cams, and all of the other critical components needed for big power. We have the machine work done on the engine and then reassembled it in house as well as the rest of the car. We chose a PTE 6266 turbo for the car based on past results. Over the last 2 weeks the car was base tuned, broken in, and then slowly raised boost on it. The car kept making power at low boost so last night we finally decided to turn the wick up. At 32psi, the car put down 602whp 516wtq! Between the twin walbro fuel pumps being maxed out and the stock intake manifold we had to stop tuning there. Once this car gets those two items addressed the car should be back and will make 650whp easily.

Check out the video here of it making 600whp pulls……

If your interested in the setup on this particular car, others you have seen us build, or are looking to get a build or tune going for your car contact us at 215-361-7100.

3 mods, +48whp gain! Another Evo X tune

Another local Evo X came in for tuning on Saturday afternoon. With the only mods being a single exit 3″ ARK catback exhaust, ETS intake pipe, and a Hallman MBC the car base lined at 302whp/301wtq at 21psi. Our resident tuner Steve then turned the boost up to 22psi and tuned the car to make a reliable 350whp/336wtq on our Dynojet. We’ve had multiple Evo X’s in for tuning and they continue to impress us with how easily and safely they make power. If you’re looking to have yours tuned please contact us at the shop. 215-361-7100

450whp+ Subaru STi base tunes

We’ve had a lot of quality built Subaru WRX, STi, & Legacys come through the shop lately. While some are the typical street car 250-300whp builds, here are two cars that went above the typical bolt ons. First up is a white 2010 STi hatchback that unfortunately had engine failure after running around on an unsafe Cobb Accessport off the shelf map. With only a few thousand miles on the clock the owner was forced to rebuild her. A built motor was assembled & installed, full bolt ons were added, and a Forced Performance Red turbocharger was purchased. On pump gas, conservative tuning, at only 22psi the STi put down 454whp & 407wtq after our tuner Steve took the helm with Open Source. He also set up the car on Speed Density which really makes a difference on the way these cars drive. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, if your running a Cobb Accessport do not beleive that the off the shelf maps are good for every car out there. Bring it in and have it custom tuned to your specific car and modifications. It will save you a lot of money in the long run, just ask the owner of this 2010.

Next up is a 2007 STi that the owner has been rebuilding and assembling for the last year. With the brand new built motor finally installed he had the car dropped off for a base tune so he could begin putting miles on it safely. Running a built motor, cams, full bolt ons, and a GT35R (with the beautiful Tial v-band hotiside) this car had us all excited. Not often do you see a properly built Subaru like this one. Considering the motor was fresh Steve did a safe base tune at 18psi which yielded 460whp & 385wtq on straight 93octane pump gas. We are really looking forward to having this car back in the shop in the coming weeks with the motor fully broken in. An Aquamist meth kit will be turned on, and it’ll be turned up to 30+ psi in hopes for 550-600whp. Hopefully the owner will be ready to put down as much power as we know this car can make.

If you are interested in any specific details on these builds, or are ready to get your build/tune underway please contact us at the shop (215-361-7100).

Cobb Accessport Pro-tune MazdaSpeed 6 results

Are you running a Cobb Accessport? Running one of the off the shelf maps Cobb provides? If you are, let me ask you a question. Why would you limit yourself to lack luster performance with a tune that is “good” for any car in any situation? Check out these results between a off the shelf map and a custom in house tune here at PSI PROformance.

This lightly modified MazdaSpeed 6 came into the shop the other night to be custom tuned. After installing a custom exhaust, intake, Grimmspeed boost control solenoid, and a Cobb Accessport the owner was left wanting more power then the off the shelf stage2 map Cobb provided. Rite off the street the Speed6 put down 251whp/278wtq on our AWD dynojet. The stage2 map provided by Cobb was very rich throughout the power band and did the car no justice. After tuning the car it put down 267whp/344wtq, but if you look at the graph closely you’ll see gains all throughout the curve and boost was able to be held out better on the top end. This Speed6 is now a whole new beast on the street which the owner can attest to. He was more then happy after taking it for a test drive. A high flow fuel pump, and front mount intercooler would really help this car out, but whats really holding it back is the stock turbo. As you can see it the graph and in the video, boost falls off hard. Don’t be surprised to see this car back in the shop for a host of a new upgrades in the future!

If your looking to have your car tuned or upgraded please contact us at 215-361-7100