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PSI PROformance Online Parts Store


Our new performance part store is now live! We do much more than service, tuning, and fabrication! We want to be your #1 source for all the components you need for your car or truck.

Should you ever have any questions regarding parts please contact us by email (, phone (215-361-7100 ext 102), AIM (, the chat system on our site, or stop by and have barbeque with us. – for all your performance parts needs!

600whp blown SRT8 JEEP

This sinister Jeep came in last week for a few dyno pulls after being completed by one of our good customers. It was purchased with a built motor & trans which the owner then added a Procharger D1-SC & fuel upgrades. The flashed tune on the car was very lean & dangerous to run. The owner was pretty disappointed & asked us to tune the car on the spot. A few adjustments were made to be able to safely get a baseline number. It ended up at 525whp & 556whp on our in-house Dynojet.

Using the handheld Diablosport Predator tuner we were able to make some more adjustments which got it to 602whp & 575wtq. Unfortunately the blowers belt was slipping which limited the boost to only 10psi. This setup should be making about 15psi so hopefully once fixed we can fine tune it a bit more and lay down over 700whp! Could you imagine taking your kids to school in a 700whp JEEP?!? We can, and we can’t wait for it to stop back into the shop. Keep an eye out for updated results.

Thanks for watching! Give us a call to tune your custom beast.


Custom Ferrari F430 Exhaust

Here at PSI PROformance we had the opportunity to work on a customers ’06 Ferrari F-430. After purchasing it he decided to do a few track days and quickly realized it needed changes. First we upgraded the brakes and suspension, which in combination with the already installed HRE wheels (20×13, 345/25/20 in the rear) the owner was happy. Thoughts of twin turboing the car were tossed around but with two other high horsepower cars already in the stable the idea was dropped. The car definitely needed some more power, but most importantly it needed more sound & feel. To get a little more power out of the car while giving it the F1 car type sound everyone loves building a custom exhaust became the next step. The owner purchased a set of Fabspeed Sport headers and gave the OK to build the rest of the exhaust. We modified the headers making them v-band, which we continued using for the rest of the exhaust. This helps with ease of installation, no leaks, and gives it a cleaner overall look.

We designed and fabricated the entire exhaust including the tips in house. Using the v-band design we are able to swap out catalytic convertors or run the section with open pipe. Being this is the owners track toy, cats have not been used. Once we finished, the owner brought us Fabspeed carbon fiber Maxflo intake covers and BMC air filters to help it breathe a little better. We installed everything and did some dyno testing on our in-house dynojet.

Stock the car put down 401whp & 286wtq. With the new intake, header, and exhaust setup the car put down 422whp & 297wtq with no tuning! That is a very respectable gain with no tuning. These motors are already built & tuned so fine that its hard to really extract much power out of them. We hope to possibly tune the car soon, but that will be a post for another day.

Shortly after the car was finished up we uninstalled the exhaust and sent it out for a High Temperature heat coating. Now it looks awesome, and performs awesome with no potential cooling issues from the thin wall piping.

We are very proud of the way this turned out and even though it sounds awesome in the video there is no way of truly appreciating it without hearing and seeing it in person. We hope you enjoy the small video that was put together, and if you have any questions please shoot us a PM or call the shop.

One Beautiful 600whp Porsche

Last night at PSI PROformance we had this bright yellow twin turbo Porsche in for some dyno pulls. Being one of my dream cars, this was an awesome sight for me and everybody in the shop. This Porsche was a beauty to behold with it’s fully polished CCW wheels, and beautiful yellow paint. To go along with the looks of the car, this Porsche was sporting twin GT30R turbos pushing about 22-23 pounds of boost. After a couple of dyno pulls the car put down 641whp and 611tq, making it a serious car. I can’t wait to see what this Porsche has in store for it next.