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300ZX: Part 2

dsc_0244editdsc_0247 The 300ZX we have been working on is getting tidied up! Everything is coming into place in this tight engine bay. We recently finished up a custom catch can that’s mounted front and center. Once finished, it’ll be all polished along with the power steering reservoir.

After some work on the dyno, this thing was making some serious power. The owner requested both 93 and 100 octane tunes. With just the 93 it laid down a mean 508whp and 411wtq, making it an already serious street machine. After draining the tank of 93 and pouring in some 100 octane, things got interesting. Some more straps needed to be added to the rear to keep from spinning tires on the dyno. The result,  630whp and 510wtq at 26psi! This is going to be one clean and fast Z out on the streets. This project has been in the works for a long time now, and we’re definitely very proud of the end result.

dsc_0257 dsc_0402 dsc_0407edit


2JZ Swapped 350Z – Part 2

So this 350Z is going to be making heaps of power once it’s all finished up, but that power has to make it to the ground. At this point there’s no reason to leave this build with a stock limited slip, or even worse, an open differential.

DSC_0281The Quaife LSD was an ideal candidate for this application. It’s a gear style limited slip, so there are no plates or clutches that wear out over time. With power being put to both wheels at all times, this thing is going to be able to take advantage of all its 2JZ goodness.

DSC_0543cropThis Z is going to stick to the road like white on rice with its new LSD and sticky Toyo R888 tires. This means high G-forces, which also means sloshing fuel, so the fuel system is going to get a little help from Radium Engineering. Their surge tanks are used to prevent fuel starvation when fuel is being sloshed around in the gas tank due to insufficient baffling. This tank is filled by the stock fuel tank and pump, and essentially acts as a second fuel tank that is always full of fuel. Since the surge tank will always be full, there will be no sloshing of fuel around the pump pick up during high G-forces.  I’m thinking this 2JZ is going to be plenty happy with its fuel supply.

Check out Part 1!


300ZX Freshn’ Up – Part 1

DSC_0757This Z32 300ZX has been here getting some maintenance and a few modifications done. External wastegates were on the to-do list for this Z. The engine bays on these cars are super tight, making it easier to just pull the engine for most types of maintenance. So that’s what we did. The engine came out, and we started fabricating the plumbing for the wastegates. Clearances were tight, but that’s why we have the best fabricators in the business. Once everything was mounted, the chassis was lowered down and the engine mounted in place.


Stock 300ZX brakes are commonly an upgrade for other, lighter cars, such as the Nissan 240SX. The Z32 is a pretty heavy chassis, so a set of even bigger brakes was in order. Z1 motorsports makes a slick kit that adapts OEM Nissan 370Z parts for use on older Z’s. The calipers and rotors are parts that you can order right from the dealer. The OEM quality will guarantee that these brakes remain reliable for years, and have ample braking power.

DSC_022214″ rotors make these brakes pretty beefy. I don’t think they’ll have any trouble bring this 300ZX to a stop.

DSC_0418Over in the fabrication shop, there’s a lot of work going into this custom front-mount intercooler. It’s been going through some test fitting to get all the dimensions just right.

DSC_0570A3D733A8-152E-40C0-8200-102D0E95ECA6(1) The end result of this custom intercooler is amazing. Our fabrication shop killed it on this one. Check back to see what else this Z is in for.



2JZ Swapped 350Z – Part 1

DSC_1007Some people think it’s wrong to mesh an engine from one manufacturer with a chassis from another… that’s definitely not the case here. This 2JZ swapped 350Z is sweet! It’s going to be one hell of a car once it’s all finished up. Our custom fabricated intake and exhaust manifolds both turned out amazing along with everything else. If you’re looking for a custom manifold, give us a call. Our fab shop is extensive and can handle whatever you might have in mind.DSC_0948The bottom end of this 2JZ is stock, but the head has been completely gone through with cams, valves, springs, retainers, etc. This setup is going to lay down some serious power once it hits the dyno.


DSC_0204We’re taking care of some suspension and brake work as well. Suspension is going to be dialed in thanks to some KW coilovers, and brakes are being upgraded to OEM Brembos.

DSC_0634And here’s a turbo pic to end the post! Check back to see more as this project comes together.



-We dyno tuned an Evo 8 with an Evo 9 turbo
End result: 362AWHP 335 ft-lbs at 25psi

-A TT V6 Camaro came in for new turbos.

-Lotus Elise: we fixed a broken oil pump then broke in the motor on the dyno.

-This stylish Magnuson supercharged Jeep has come in with some issues that need correcting, mainly hesitation. No problem!

-We had a turbo 350Z come in for multiple maintenance items: most gaskets, belts, turbo manifold crack repair,  and a dyno tune.
End result: 372WHP 362 ft-lbs

-We’re excited to announce Precision Turbo and Engine has released its new Subaru factory upgrade performance turbocharger capable of 500HP. Designed to be an easy bolt-on install for 2002+ Subaru WRX and 2004+ Subaru WRX STi vehicles. Featuring Precision’s most advanced and innovative technology, the new turbocharger (part number 10520301726) utilizes a 55mm Competition Engineered Aerodynamics (CEA®) CNC-machined, 2618-forged aluminum compressor wheel specifically designed for maximum performance and less turbo lag. All units will be equipped with Precision’s high-performance liquid-cooled, dual ceramic ball bearing Center Housing Rotating Assembly (CHRA) for faster transient response and added thrust capacity. We look forward to getting these into your hands!



A Mazdaspeed Protege received a trio of gauges, of particular importance an AEM UEGO wideband gauge (including O2 sensor install on downpipe).

Does your Subaru Impreza sound like bees? We turned down the rasp with a Vibrant Ultra Quiet resonator installation on the customers catback. Loudness retained, buzz banished.

We also had a Nissan S14 come in for a wastegate, custom made dump tube, and oil pan gasket replacement.


TUNED: Sweet Lou’s S13

Lou brought his S13 by for some love to get it on the track this weekend for a drift event.  Before getting down to tuning, we did a  proper break-in session on his freshly built SR20.  Several miles going through varying load patterns on our Dynojet allows for the ideal conditions to ensure a new motor’s longevity.

We set his power at a safe level given that the fuel system was running out of headroom and he will return after the event for more mods and even MORE POWER! The end result will be an easily obtainable and track reliable 350WHP.


Formula Drift Round 4: The Gauntlet Wall Speedway New Jersey

It was a beautiful day on Saturday June 22, for The Gauntlet in Wall NJ. All the competitors were getting their practice runs in early. They started at about 11:30am. The practice runs lasted for about 2 hours and the event started around 1:30pm. The competition started off pretty fierce with Darren “DMAC” McNamara and Patrick Goodin going door to door with DMAC getting the win. The rest of the top 32 was just as exciting. There were some crashes and some cars that broke. All in all it was a competitive 32.
Once the sweet 16 were decided it was time to take a little break. So I decided to go stroll through the pit area and see if I could get a hold of any cool stuff. Turns out I got a bunch of cool stuff from the vendors that were at the event. Falken Tires were giving away a Falken bag, save Japan Tshirts, and license plate covers that said “Rather be Drifting.” Team Scion was giving away a bag of goodies as well. Their bag included a Scion Racing Hat, 2 Season DVD’s, 2 scion racing key chains, and 2 scion racing dog tags. The Hankook and Falken girls were signing posters and shirts and anything else you could give them throughout the event.
About the time that the sweet 16 was about to start is when my day got a whole lot better. Ford racing had invited me to hangout in their area behind the ford racing truck so i got a killer vantage point of the track. The sweet 16 was as intense as ever with DMAC and Tuerck starting it off. DMAC took the win in dramatic fashion. Finishing out the sweet 16 were Tyler “McEnroe” McQuarrie and the rookie Marc Landerville. Landerville had a hard fought battle but in the end fell to McEnroe.
Let me jump ahead to the Final 4. This consisted of DMAC, the reigning champion Daigo Saito, Justin Pawlak, and Chris Forsberg. DMAC and Saito battled it out and Saito too the win to advance to the championship race. Forsberg fell to Pawlak caused by a minor mistake so in turn Pawlak advanced. Forsberg and DMAC went door to door until DMAC made a mistake and basically gave the 3rd place finish to Forsberg. The championship race consisted of the reigning round 4 champion Daigo Saito and the number one qualifier Justin Pawlak. On Pawlak’s chase run he went a little too hard and spun out giving the reigning champion the victory once again.
So when it was all said and done Daigo took first place, Pawlak took second, and Forsberg took third. Minus the scorching sun, crowds of people, and the outrageous food prices I had a blast and would highly recommend anybody give it a try.

RB25 single turbo swapped S13 240sx

Here we have a S13 240sx with a legendary Skyline RB25 engine swap. Along with the swap the car is running full supporting mods & a single Garrett 55mm turbocharger. Let me just say, the looks of this car may be controversial with the bright metallic blue paint, widebody body kit, old school non “fitted” wheels, and non “stanced” suspension, but there is no denying the sound & power the RB25 engine produces when modified correctly.

The car was a pleasure to tune & listen to until some small problems arose. The car was running an “ebay” turbo kit with a legit quality Garrett turbo. The external wastegate that was installed wasn’t functioning properly causing severe boost creep the higher the RPM’s climbed. While we wished the car was equipped with higher quality parts to help produce the true potential of this setup there was nothing we could do at the time. To make the best of this situation, boost was set to 14psi and revlimit was set to around 6,500 RPM’s. With keeping max RPM’s here it kept the boost from soaring up to unsafe levels.

Once again this proves that you should use quality parts when modifying your car. Luckily we were able to reach the 340-350WHP goal the owner was looking for, even though we really wanted to make 400WHP with this setup. If your looking to have your car tuned give us a call at the shop! You won’t be disappointed, our tune results & customer satisfaction speaks for itself!

Enjoy the sound of this JDM swapped beast:

1JZ Supra swapped 350Z!!!

Where do I start on this unique…controversial heart transplanted Nissan 350Z? I guess i’ll start with the background. After running multiple VQ35 motors (n/a as well as turbo setups) the owner of this 350Z was tired of having expensive issues and wanted to try something different yet more reliable. So in went the 1JZ 2.5L turbo Toyota Supra motor which has been known to be rock solid over the years.

The car was dropped off to us with the motor in the bay, some wiring done, but overall in need of a lot of work. We built a custom intercooler setup for the car utilizing a Tial QR bov, custom intake, and a full 3″ exhaust that steps up to 4″ in the rear section giving it a unique sound to go with the unique engine swap. After finishing the wiring & other miscellaneous odds and ends we fired it up and boy did it sound wild.

For now, the owner is leaving it stock ecu until funds allow more upgrades so we decided to do some basic data logging on the dyno before it leaves the shop. So stock ecu, stock tune, stock boost with the above mentioned mods left us at 290WHP & 280wtq. We would love to get a tune as well as a few more pounds of boost in this thing, but for now its a responsive fun ride that makes more wheel horsepower then a bolt on VQ35 that originally would of came in the car.

These are just the type of projects that we enjoy here at PSI PROformance, whether they are loved or hated on. We take pride in doing the work other shops can not complete & putting out quality custom fabrication work which can be seen here. Enjoy the video below and don’t hesitate to contact us to get your custom project underway!