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Read how this Subaru loses it’s ability to spin the front wheels.

RWD WRX Build – Part 3

dsc_0368This build was getting buttoned up last week. The car made its way onto the dyno, and it was LOUD. The titanium hood exit makes this thing scream. A few things still needed to be buttoned up, but everything else was ready for engine break-in and tuning.

dsc_0522edit dsc_0587editOnce tuning was done, the last few details were finished up.  The hood exit looks sweet with its burnt titanium trim on the hood. It’s definitely a cool touch. Attention to detail is a huge part of all of our builds, and it especially shows with this one.

dsc_0495editThe face of the WRX was put back on, and the car was sent on its way. That wraps up this build for now!

Here’s a few more pictures of the car during its build.



RWD WRX Build – Part 2

DSC_0693After getting all the nice powdercoated parts bolted up, the engine was bolted back up in the engine bay. The polished Cosworth intake manifold really tops off the look of everything.


Before the engine and trans were mated back together, we opened up the 5-speed for some modifications. It really is crazy how everything works inside a gearbox. So many tight tolerances and moving parts working in harmony.


This shaft on the tail of the gearbox is a spool that locks the center differential, enabling it to work as a RWD transmission. The front axles will be cut off at the hubs to inhibit the front wheels from turning. The hubs will be left in place so that everything stays securely bolted together. This car is riddled with WRX performance parts. Check out our parts web store for whatever you need. Up next is going to be a titanium hood exit exhaust!


RWD WRX Build – Part 1

DSC_0966This WRX hatch was awaiting the return of its EJ255. We went through everything on this engine: pistons, rods, cams, the works. Once it’s all buttoned up, it’ll hop over to our dyno for a tune. If you want the parts going into this EJ, give us a call or visit our Parts Web Store.

A fully built engine isn’t the only thing we’re working on. There’s a unique spin on this build, or lack there of. This Subaru is no longer going to spin the front wheels when we’re done with it. That’s right, a rear wheel drive conversion is in the works. The plan is to lay down somewhere in the ballpark of 400 rwhp on our dyno when all said and done. Check back for more updates!