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e46 m3 blacked out

BIMMERFEST EAST 2013 at Ripken Stadium Aberdeen, Maryland

The day of the even started off early for me. I was up around 8:30am on Saturday. I decided to not take my own BMW and just ride with one of my friends. We put painter’s tape all over his Acura MDX to show love to the fellow BMW enthusiasts we were going on the caravan with.  We were suppose to meet up with everyone at Shady Brook Farms in Newtown, PA. Myself and my two friends were running a little late so we decided to just catch up with the caravan on the highway.

We finally caught up with everybody at a toll booth in Delaware.  The whole caravan was pulled over on the right side of the road immediately after the toll booth. I guess they were waiting for everyone else to catch up too.  The rest of the cruise was pretty straight forward. We didn’t have to get off the highway until we actually got to Aberdeen. There were over 30 cars in the caravan and keeping everybody together was a task all in itself.  We finally pulled into the event and the line to get in was at least a mile long.

The event started out good with it only being 20 bucks for the car to get in.  As soon as we pulled into the event it was just BMW’s as far as I could see. There were old ones, new ones, some concepts. This show pretty much ran the gamut with BMW’s. There were so many nice BMW’s that I was overlooking some and couldn’t take them all in at once.  Instead of taking pictures of everything I decided that I would compare them to my car. So the test was if the car in question is nicer than my car than I would take a photo of it.  Needless to say I didn’t get as many pictures as I would of thought.

There were only a couple of downsides to the event. The lines at the food and beverage stands were just too long. Besides the wait to actually get your food or drink you also paid an arm and a leg for it. The selection of food lacked variety as well. I was not expecting a 5 star restaurant or anything like that either.  It would of been nice to get a cheeseburger fries and a drink for under $15 though. There was not any shade around the actual show at all. You had to either go to the stadium or find a tree to sit under.

All in all I want to say that I had a fantastic time at the event. My overall experience was great. I will definitely go back next year. The next time I am bringing burgers and a grill with me so I can just make food for myself. Also I am going to bring a tent and a cooler so I can keep cool.  Until we meet again at the next event my friends.


430whp built Audi A4 tuned!

We don’t often do Euro cars here at PSI PROformance, but when we do its usually a very unique or big build. This Audi A4 1.8l turbo is no exception, and has been one of the owners main projects for years. The workmanship & time that has gone into the engine bay really shows. Only the best of the best was chosen such as a Full-Race turbo kit, a FP HTA30r turbo, JMF one-off intercooler kit & custom intake manifold, along with the built & stroked engine.

With this group of parts, and a 034 Motorsports engine management system the car made good power with ease. On pump gas 93oct, low boost (24 psi), and a conservative tune it laid down 430whp on our in-house awd Dynojet. This setup isn’t even breaking a sweat and is exactly what the owner wanted out of pump gas without pushing it hard.

As you will see in the video the trunk and rear lip aren’t color matched to the rest of the silver exterior. It is one of the only things left to “complete” on the project which the owner is taking care of as we speak. The owner is excited to get the car finished for this upcoming season now that it can be driven anywhere, fill up at any gas station, and be driven reliably. Once the body work is done it will look as good as it sounds & runs. Soon after that completed the car will be coming back in for a re-tune on race gas,  so it can safely crack over 500whp. We look forward to having it back in the shop, as well as the next unique Euro project that rolls through the door! Contact us today to get your build started or tuned. Thanks for watching, make sure to click HD on the video. 🙂