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A Mazdaspeed Protege received a trio of gauges, of particular importance an AEM UEGO wideband gauge (including O2 sensor install on downpipe).

Does your Subaru Impreza sound like bees? We turned down the rasp with a Vibrant Ultra Quiet resonator installation on the customers catback. Loudness retained, buzz banished.

We also had a Nissan S14 come in for a wastegate, custom made dump tube, and oil pan gasket replacement.

Cobb Accessport Pro-tune MazdaSpeed 6 results

Are you running a Cobb Accessport? Running one of the off the shelf maps Cobb provides? If you are, let me ask you a question. Why would you limit yourself to lack luster performance with a tune that is “good” for any car in any situation? Check out these results between a off the shelf map and a custom in house tune here at PSI PROformance.

This lightly modified MazdaSpeed 6 came into the shop the other night to be custom tuned. After installing a custom exhaust, intake, Grimmspeed boost control solenoid, and a Cobb Accessport the owner was left wanting more power then the off the shelf stage2 map Cobb provided. Rite off the street the Speed6 put down 251whp/278wtq on our AWD dynojet. The stage2 map provided by Cobb was very rich throughout the power band and did the car no justice. After tuning the car it put down 267whp/344wtq, but if you look at the graph closely you’ll see gains all throughout the curve and boost was able to be held out better on the top end. This Speed6 is now a whole new beast on the street which the owner can attest to. He was more then happy after taking it for a test drive. A high flow fuel pump, and front mount intercooler would really help this car out, but whats really holding it back is the stock turbo. As you can see it the graph and in the video, boost falls off hard. Don’t be surprised to see this car back in the shop for a host of a new upgrades in the future!

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