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Fab Shop

The fabricators here at PSI are always pumping out some really cool stuff. This post features a bunch of stuff that they produced over the past few months.  Enjoy!

Evo X Turbo Kit


Intercooler for a Twin Turbo 300ZX


Titanium Hood Exit for a RWD Converted WRX


Turbo Kit for a 2017 STi. Powdercoating & Ceramic Coating done by JT Coating


Full Turbo Kit and Intake Manifold for a 2JZ swapped 350Z


Hood Exits & Catch Can for an EK Civic


Evo VIII Exhaust Manifold


Vacuum Actuated Exhaust Cutout


CRX Exhaust Manifold


TGV Deletes

dsc_0664editdsc_0094dsc_0096 dsc_0097


We’ve been replacing blown motors all month.  Fresh blocks going in is our business. It doesn’t matter if it’s an OEM rebuild or a forged and balanced bottom end mated with a high flowing race head, we can handle it!

Below is our dynoed car of the month. WRX with an 06 STI engine, 30R at 21psi, and ID 1000cc injectors put down 400AWHP, 376TRQ!


We de-turboed a Sentra. Yes, back to stock it goes to be sold.

A Genesis Coupe 2.0T came in with a cracked exhaust and we not only repaired it but added reinforcements to prevent future damage!

One of our favorite cars came through for a resonator install. We originally fabbed up the intake, air box, and downpipe for this worked Mazdaspeed Protege.

The fabrication shop has been very busy with multiple projects.

We stock VP Racing fuel in all different varieties. Contact us for all your race gas needs!

We just got rid of hundreds of spark plugs that we have removed from customers in the past year alone! A fresh set of plugs will help you get the most out of your tune and we highly recommend a fresh set be installed beforehand, or we can take care of that for it.

RB25 single turbo swapped S13 240sx

Here we have a S13 240sx with a legendary Skyline RB25 engine swap. Along with the swap the car is running full supporting mods & a single Garrett 55mm turbocharger. Let me just say, the looks of this car may be controversial with the bright metallic blue paint, widebody body kit, old school non “fitted” wheels, and non “stanced” suspension, but there is no denying the sound & power the RB25 engine produces when modified correctly.

The car was a pleasure to tune & listen to until some small problems arose. The car was running an “ebay” turbo kit with a legit quality Garrett turbo. The external wastegate that was installed wasn’t functioning properly causing severe boost creep the higher the RPM’s climbed. While we wished the car was equipped with higher quality parts to help produce the true potential of this setup there was nothing we could do at the time. To make the best of this situation, boost was set to 14psi and revlimit was set to around 6,500 RPM’s. With keeping max RPM’s here it kept the boost from soaring up to unsafe levels.

Once again this proves that you should use quality parts when modifying your car. Luckily we were able to reach the 340-350WHP goal the owner was looking for, even though we really wanted to make 400WHP with this setup. If your looking to have your car tuned give us a call at the shop! You won’t be disappointed, our tune results & customer satisfaction speaks for itself!

Enjoy the sound of this JDM swapped beast:

600whp blown SRT8 JEEP

This sinister Jeep came in last week for a few dyno pulls after being completed by one of our good customers. It was purchased with a built motor & trans which the owner then added a Procharger D1-SC & fuel upgrades. The flashed tune on the car was very lean & dangerous to run. The owner was pretty disappointed & asked us to tune the car on the spot. A few adjustments were made to be able to safely get a baseline number. It ended up at 525whp & 556whp on our in-house Dynojet.

Using the handheld Diablosport Predator tuner we were able to make some more adjustments which got it to 602whp & 575wtq. Unfortunately the blowers belt was slipping which limited the boost to only 10psi. This setup should be making about 15psi so hopefully once fixed we can fine tune it a bit more and lay down over 700whp! Could you imagine taking your kids to school in a 700whp JEEP?!? We can, and we can’t wait for it to stop back into the shop. Keep an eye out for updated results.

Thanks for watching! Give us a call to tune your custom beast.


New Turbos are Fun!

Here at PSI PROformance, we offer a variety of services including replacing blown turbos.  When Chris’s Civic Si came in the shop, he wanted a smaller turbo so he could get a better powerband through the RPMs.  We replaced his blown turbo with a smaller Precision SC5252E, and gave him a quality tune from Steve.  After tuning, Chris was able to make more power than before with this smaller turbo and less boost, which is quite impressive.  His Civic Si made 301whp and 250tq on 9.5 lbs of boost.

Our Favorite Legacy GT

The Other Day we had Kevin and his Legacy GT in for a retune after he performed some recent modifications. Some of these changes included a turbo upgrade, which was an AMR 500 Turbo. Along with a turbo, this Legacy Gt is supporting a grocery list of mods including a WBR FMIC, 740cc Jecs Injectors, Walbro 255 fuel pump, JNZ cold air intake, Borla Headers, Grimmspeed uppipe, Tial Mvs Wastegate, Grimmspeed EBCS, Invidia Catless Downpipe, and a Megan OE-RS Exhaust. With our tuner Steve working his magic, this Legacy GT was able to make 373whp and 398tq.

Also, if you are in need of car insurance then we at PSI PROformance recommend that you check out Brandon Insurance Group. All of the employee’s at the shop have their personal and project cars insured through Kevin and Brandon Insurance Group, so make sure you check them out.

Just one awesome 240sx!!!!!!!!!

The other day we had Evan’s Nissan 240sx in for a dyno tune. This Nissan 240sx was rocking a stock S15 SR20DET engine with some bolt-ons. Those bolt-ons included a front mount intercooler, 3″ Exhaust, 740cc Injectors, Walbro Fuel Pump, and an Apexi Power FC. The engine had stock cams and a stock turbo but was still able to make 310whp and 348tq, which is pretty impressive. Evan’s car is one of the nicest 240sx’s we’ve seen and now it makes a good amount of power with our tune. Here are the pictures from the dyno day, enjoy!

A Super WRX

Today at the shop we had this Subaru WRX on the dyno for a tune. This Subaru WRX looked stock but was far from it with all of it’s modifications.  These modifications included a Blouch 16G Turbo, 650cc Injectors, Perrin Up Pipe, Agency Power Downpipe, AEM Intake, HKS Catback Exhaust, and a Hallman Boost Controller.  With these mods the car put down 307whp and 284tq, making a fun and awesome daily to whip around town. Here are the pictures and video from the dyno session, and don’t forget get $100 off a dyno tune for the month of December, so get your car in for a tune today!