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e46 m3 blacked out

BIMMERFEST EAST 2013 at Ripken Stadium Aberdeen, Maryland

The day of the even started off early for me. I was up around 8:30am on Saturday. I decided to not take my own BMW and just ride with one of my friends. We put painter’s tape all over his Acura MDX to show love to the fellow BMW enthusiasts we were going on the caravan with.  We were suppose to meet up with everyone at Shady Brook Farms in Newtown, PA. Myself and my two friends were running a little late so we decided to just catch up with the caravan on the highway.

We finally caught up with everybody at a toll booth in Delaware.  The whole caravan was pulled over on the right side of the road immediately after the toll booth. I guess they were waiting for everyone else to catch up too.  The rest of the cruise was pretty straight forward. We didn’t have to get off the highway until we actually got to Aberdeen. There were over 30 cars in the caravan and keeping everybody together was a task all in itself.  We finally pulled into the event and the line to get in was at least a mile long.

The event started out good with it only being 20 bucks for the car to get in.  As soon as we pulled into the event it was just BMW’s as far as I could see. There were old ones, new ones, some concepts. This show pretty much ran the gamut with BMW’s. There were so many nice BMW’s that I was overlooking some and couldn’t take them all in at once.  Instead of taking pictures of everything I decided that I would compare them to my car. So the test was if the car in question is nicer than my car than I would take a photo of it.  Needless to say I didn’t get as many pictures as I would of thought.

There were only a couple of downsides to the event. The lines at the food and beverage stands were just too long. Besides the wait to actually get your food or drink you also paid an arm and a leg for it. The selection of food lacked variety as well. I was not expecting a 5 star restaurant or anything like that either.  It would of been nice to get a cheeseburger fries and a drink for under $15 though. There was not any shade around the actual show at all. You had to either go to the stadium or find a tree to sit under.

All in all I want to say that I had a fantastic time at the event. My overall experience was great. I will definitely go back next year. The next time I am bringing burgers and a grill with me so I can just make food for myself. Also I am going to bring a tent and a cooler so I can keep cool.  Until we meet again at the next event my friends.



Formula Drift Round 4: The Gauntlet Wall Speedway New Jersey

It was a beautiful day on Saturday June 22, for The Gauntlet in Wall NJ. All the competitors were getting their practice runs in early. They started at about 11:30am. The practice runs lasted for about 2 hours and the event started around 1:30pm. The competition started off pretty fierce with Darren “DMAC” McNamara and Patrick Goodin going door to door with DMAC getting the win. The rest of the top 32 was just as exciting. There were some crashes and some cars that broke. All in all it was a competitive 32.
Once the sweet 16 were decided it was time to take a little break. So I decided to go stroll through the pit area and see if I could get a hold of any cool stuff. Turns out I got a bunch of cool stuff from the vendors that were at the event. Falken Tires were giving away a Falken bag, save Japan Tshirts, and license plate covers that said “Rather be Drifting.” Team Scion was giving away a bag of goodies as well. Their bag included a Scion Racing Hat, 2 Season DVD’s, 2 scion racing key chains, and 2 scion racing dog tags. The Hankook and Falken girls were signing posters and shirts and anything else you could give them throughout the event.
About the time that the sweet 16 was about to start is when my day got a whole lot better. Ford racing had invited me to hangout in their area behind the ford racing truck so i got a killer vantage point of the track. The sweet 16 was as intense as ever with DMAC and Tuerck starting it off. DMAC took the win in dramatic fashion. Finishing out the sweet 16 were Tyler “McEnroe” McQuarrie and the rookie Marc Landerville. Landerville had a hard fought battle but in the end fell to McEnroe.
Let me jump ahead to the Final 4. This consisted of DMAC, the reigning champion Daigo Saito, Justin Pawlak, and Chris Forsberg. DMAC and Saito battled it out and Saito too the win to advance to the championship race. Forsberg fell to Pawlak caused by a minor mistake so in turn Pawlak advanced. Forsberg and DMAC went door to door until DMAC made a mistake and basically gave the 3rd place finish to Forsberg. The championship race consisted of the reigning round 4 champion Daigo Saito and the number one qualifier Justin Pawlak. On Pawlak’s chase run he went a little too hard and spun out giving the reigning champion the victory once again.
So when it was all said and done Daigo took first place, Pawlak took second, and Forsberg took third. Minus the scorching sun, crowds of people, and the outrageous food prices I had a blast and would highly recommend anybody give it a try.

600whp daily driven Evo 8!

A lot of you seen this red Evo 8 at the shop over the last few weeks getting buttoned up. The owner brought the car here for a full build after having the stock engine fail. He went with a 2.4L block, Eagle rods, Wiseco pistons, h11 head studs, Crower 280 cams, and all of the other critical components needed for big power. We have the machine work done on the engine and then reassembled it in house as well as the rest of the car. We chose a PTE 6266 turbo for the car based on past results. Over the last 2 weeks the car was base tuned, broken in, and then slowly raised boost on it. The car kept making power at low boost so last night we finally decided to turn the wick up. At 32psi, the car put down 602whp 516wtq! Between the twin walbro fuel pumps being maxed out and the stock intake manifold we had to stop tuning there. Once this car gets those two items addressed the car should be back and will make 650whp easily.

Check out the video here of it making 600whp pulls……

If your interested in the setup on this particular car, others you have seen us build, or are looking to get a build or tune going for your car contact us at 215-361-7100.

3 mods, +48whp gain! Another Evo X tune

Another local Evo X came in for tuning on Saturday afternoon. With the only mods being a single exit 3″ ARK catback exhaust, ETS intake pipe, and a Hallman MBC the car base lined at 302whp/301wtq at 21psi. Our resident tuner Steve then turned the boost up to 22psi and tuned the car to make a reliable 350whp/336wtq on our Dynojet. We’ve had multiple Evo X’s in for tuning and they continue to impress us with how easily and safely they make power. If you’re looking to have yours tuned please contact us at the shop. 215-361-7100

450whp+ Subaru STi base tunes

We’ve had a lot of quality built Subaru WRX, STi, & Legacys come through the shop lately. While some are the typical street car 250-300whp builds, here are two cars that went above the typical bolt ons. First up is a white 2010 STi hatchback that unfortunately had engine failure after running around on an unsafe Cobb Accessport off the shelf map. With only a few thousand miles on the clock the owner was forced to rebuild her. A built motor was assembled & installed, full bolt ons were added, and a Forced Performance Red turbocharger was purchased. On pump gas, conservative tuning, at only 22psi the STi put down 454whp & 407wtq after our tuner Steve took the helm with Open Source. He also set up the car on Speed Density which really makes a difference on the way these cars drive. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, if your running a Cobb Accessport do not beleive that the off the shelf maps are good for every car out there. Bring it in and have it custom tuned to your specific car and modifications. It will save you a lot of money in the long run, just ask the owner of this 2010.

Next up is a 2007 STi that the owner has been rebuilding and assembling for the last year. With the brand new built motor finally installed he had the car dropped off for a base tune so he could begin putting miles on it safely. Running a built motor, cams, full bolt ons, and a GT35R (with the beautiful Tial v-band hotiside) this car had us all excited. Not often do you see a properly built Subaru like this one. Considering the motor was fresh Steve did a safe base tune at 18psi which yielded 460whp & 385wtq on straight 93octane pump gas. We are really looking forward to having this car back in the shop in the coming weeks with the motor fully broken in. An Aquamist meth kit will be turned on, and it’ll be turned up to 30+ psi in hopes for 550-600whp. Hopefully the owner will be ready to put down as much power as we know this car can make.

If you are interested in any specific details on these builds, or are ready to get your build/tune underway please contact us at the shop (215-361-7100).

Cobb Accessport Pro-tune MazdaSpeed 6 results

Are you running a Cobb Accessport? Running one of the off the shelf maps Cobb provides? If you are, let me ask you a question. Why would you limit yourself to lack luster performance with a tune that is “good” for any car in any situation? Check out these results between a off the shelf map and a custom in house tune here at PSI PROformance.

This lightly modified MazdaSpeed 6 came into the shop the other night to be custom tuned. After installing a custom exhaust, intake, Grimmspeed boost control solenoid, and a Cobb Accessport the owner was left wanting more power then the off the shelf stage2 map Cobb provided. Rite off the street the Speed6 put down 251whp/278wtq on our AWD dynojet. The stage2 map provided by Cobb was very rich throughout the power band and did the car no justice. After tuning the car it put down 267whp/344wtq, but if you look at the graph closely you’ll see gains all throughout the curve and boost was able to be held out better on the top end. This Speed6 is now a whole new beast on the street which the owner can attest to. He was more then happy after taking it for a test drive. A high flow fuel pump, and front mount intercooler would really help this car out, but whats really holding it back is the stock turbo. As you can see it the graph and in the video, boost falls off hard. Don’t be surprised to see this car back in the shop for a host of a new upgrades in the future!

If your looking to have your car tuned or upgraded please contact us at 215-361-7100

New Turbos are Fun!

Here at PSI PROformance, we offer a variety of services including replacing blown turbos.  When Chris’s Civic Si came in the shop, he wanted a smaller turbo so he could get a better powerband through the RPMs.  We replaced his blown turbo with a smaller Precision SC5252E, and gave him a quality tune from Steve.  After tuning, Chris was able to make more power than before with this smaller turbo and less boost, which is quite impressive.  His Civic Si made 301whp and 250tq on 9.5 lbs of boost.

Our Favorite Legacy GT

The Other Day we had Kevin and his Legacy GT in for a retune after he performed some recent modifications. Some of these changes included a turbo upgrade, which was an AMR 500 Turbo. Along with a turbo, this Legacy Gt is supporting a grocery list of mods including a WBR FMIC, 740cc Jecs Injectors, Walbro 255 fuel pump, JNZ cold air intake, Borla Headers, Grimmspeed uppipe, Tial Mvs Wastegate, Grimmspeed EBCS, Invidia Catless Downpipe, and a Megan OE-RS Exhaust. With our tuner Steve working his magic, this Legacy GT was able to make 373whp and 398tq.

Also, if you are in need of car insurance then we at PSI PROformance recommend that you check out Brandon Insurance Group. All of the employee’s at the shop have their personal and project cars insured through Kevin and Brandon Insurance Group, so make sure you check them out.

Just one awesome 240sx!!!!!!!!!

The other day we had Evan’s Nissan 240sx in for a dyno tune. This Nissan 240sx was rocking a stock S15 SR20DET engine with some bolt-ons. Those bolt-ons included a front mount intercooler, 3″ Exhaust, 740cc Injectors, Walbro Fuel Pump, and an Apexi Power FC. The engine had stock cams and a stock turbo but was still able to make 310whp and 348tq, which is pretty impressive. Evan’s car is one of the nicest 240sx’s we’ve seen and now it makes a good amount of power with our tune. Here are the pictures from the dyno day, enjoy!